Lynnfield Rail Trail

Dear Editor,

As residents of Lynnfield and parents/guardians of minors (children 18 years and younger), we sign this letter in support of the construction of the proposed Wakefield-Lynnfield Rail Trail Project which seeks to convert the 4.4 mile abandoned MBTA owned rail bed, into a recreational trail that can be enjoyed by all members of our community. 

Collectively, we see the benefits of this proposed trail as follows.

1). Providing a route of safe off-road passage free from distracted drivers for our youth between major town landmarks such as our High School, Middle School and downtown.

2). Providing a town asset that can help enhance the overall health of our community, enabling residents of all ages and abilities to easily access recreation such as walking,  cycling, cross country skiing, running and rollerblading.

3). Increasing our overall property value by enhancing our community’s desirability within the Greater Boston area.

We have been encouraged and invigorated by the recent show of State level support in helping fund the Final Design, the next stage needed to bring the project to construction ready status.  In recent months, the Friends of the Lynnfield Rail Trail, a 501(c)(3) has been awarded a $100,000 reimbursement grant by The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).  In addition, members of Lynnfield's and Wakefield's state legislative delegation*  have secured a $500,000 funding earmark for the Wakefield-Lynnfield Rail Trail as part of a $2.4 billion environmental bond bill that was recently signed into law.

This Rail Trail can one day save a life.  We implore our community leaders to advance this project without further delay. 


Parents/Guardians of Minors in Lynnfield

Chris and Colleen Anderson

Scott and Cindy Areglado

Sonia Arista

Cathy and John Ballou Mealey

Edelyne and Stanley Beauvais

Deb and Lee Biggar

Keith and Melissa Boccaci

Sonia and Ian Brady

Carly and Jason Caggiano

Peter and Lisa Cash

John Ciampa

Michael Ciezlewicz

Duncan and Kristen Cooper

Diane and John Courtney

Geno and Natalie Covino

Sara and Sam Crosbie

Michael and Shannan Cuddy

Pat and Andrea Curley

Tim and Jamie Curley

Patrick and Erin Curley

Mike and Danielle D'Amelio

Kelly Foley Dan Kelley

Shannon DelTore

Kate and Michael DePrizio

Wendy Dixon

Khoa and Thuy Do

Steve Donnelly

Kristen and Craig Elworthy

Maria Fernández-Donovan, Brent Donovan and Michael Donovan

Vasundhra Ganju

Mike and Emily Geary

Paul and Leahla Glasser

John and Dina Hamel

Chad and Christina Hixon

Sara and Mark Hudson

Brian and Heather Hutter

Maui Ing

Alex and Nada Jovanovic

David and Lis Kaufman

Ben Koyle

John and Stacey Langton

Alexis and Bill Leahy

Jenn and Jeff Lupien

Michael and Anne Malenfant

Jen and Bob Mandile

Sara and Kamden Mauser

Kara and Matt Morton

Nate and Courtney Nunley

Larisa and Marc Patacchiola

Nancy Pecoraro McManus

Mark and Elisa Preston

David and Marylee Riester

Catie Roche

Lauren and Nate Rosencranz

Rosie and Ed Schiavo

Shanli Lui Sidun Li

Aicha Charfi Skander Limem

Pete and Crystal Smyrnios

Steve and Sondra Smyrnios

Andrew and Sarah Steer

Patty and Craig Underwood

Michele and Phil Vaccaro

Amber and Craig Vaccaro

Stacey and Sean Valiton

Swati Kodali Vikram Parvataneni

Liz Wertz

Rich Whitcomb

Nomeeta and Kharram Zaheer


* House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr., Representatives Paul Brodeur and Donald Wong, and Senators Brendan Crighton and Jason M. Lewis

-advocating for the Wakefield-Lynnfield      Rail Trail project.