-advocating for the Wakefield-Lynnfield  Rail Trail project.

Lynnfield Rail Trail

1.  Click on link to see the Current Rail Bed, red line denotes the route of  Wakefield- Lynnfield Rail Trail project.  Lynnfield portion of trail starting at Reedy Meadow, north of RT 95/128/Yankee Div. Hwy., moving up between the Middle School Track and Reedy Meadow Golf course and continuing toward right side of map, crossing Summer Street and continuing to right, crossing Pillings Pond Road ending at  Peabody line before Winona Conservation area. Wakefield portion of trail starts at Galvin School and runs North along Vernon Street continuing under Rt 128 and connecting to Lynnfield section in Reedy Meadow. 

2. Rail Map circa 1854.

1. Current Rail Bed- link below.

2. Rail Track Map- circe 1854- scroll down