FUNDING UPDATE: The Metropolitan Planning Organization has indicated funding for the Wakefield-Lynnfield Rail Trail project will rise to meet 100% of the revised higher construction cost of $9.2 million via the MA DOT STIP 2020 funding. This is standard practice for projects at this phase.


*BULLET SUMMARY  of  input  from  residents  and those with        10+ years experience with Rail Trails in the area                                     *Lynnfield's Tom Grilk, CEO of Boston Marathon, letter of support

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     Our Rail Trail Construction is 100% FUNDED  by State and Federal resources. MA DOT STIP construction funds  of $7,084,000 will rise to meet updated cost.  With private maintenance fund plan by Friends for $5,000 a year. 

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Lynnfield Rail Trail

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Congratulations and thank you to Lynnfield's voters who delivered a historic victory on Rail Trail Article 24 at April 24, 2017 Town Meeting. The Friends of Lynnfield Rail Trail look forward to working with our Town's leadership on the next steps in the Rail Trail project. We would like to thank everyone who has volunteered their time and offered any support, advice and kind words that have helped us get to this point. Thank you!!

   It's all about fun and recreation...close to home.   


March 30th Rail Trail FORUM VIDEO @LMS

CLICK HERE:  Craig Della Pena, Tom Grilk, Friends Panelists first hour, then lots of Q & A


Safer, Healthier, Four Season Recreation

and a BOOST to all home values in town!

 See how Dedham did their Trail! (7 min.) click here

The Wakefield-Lynnfield Rail Trail which has been years in the planning is coming closer to fruition. We need your support, feedback, and enthusiasm to make it a reality.