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Lynnfield Rail Trail

                 Positive News for the Rail Trail project-

  • 9/10/18   Friends of the Lynnfield Rail Trail are awarded a $100,000 Grant  for Final Design from the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for the Wakefield-Lynnfield Rail Trail Project.
  • 8/15/18   Lynnfield-Wakefield Delegation Secures $500,000 Funding Earmark For Rail Trail Project! Feasibility is a broad term used in the Environmental Bond Bill earmark.This includes Final Design funding for the Rail Trail Project.
  • Selectman Richard Dalton at the 11/9/17 Recreational Path Committee meeting made 3 key comments regarding the recent meeting he attended with Lynnfield and MA DOT officials on the Wakefield-Lynnfield Rail Trail Project:

1. Funding for 100 percent of the updated construction cost will be met by Federal and State sources. Funding may also be available earlier than the planned 2020/2021 date.

2. Screening for abutters is covered in the cost of construction. The State is very amenable to requests from each abutter.
3. The environmental parameters for Reedy Meadow apparently do not pose a problem using a raised boardwalk to cross the meadow.

Hear Lynnfield Resident and abutter to the proposed Rail Trail ,Tom Grilk, talk about why he welcomes the Rail Trail behind his backyard.

- 5 min video.( A segment of the Lynnfield Rail Trail Forum- March 2017).

Safer, Healthier, Four Season Recreation

and a BOOST to all home values in town!

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Check out this outstanding 7 min. video  summary by Dedham on key elements of Rail Trails and interview with residents of Danvers including rail trail abutters.  

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