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Latest news

Town of Lynnfield issued a Press Release :May 25, 2022 on the Town website:  News & Notices page.

Lynnfield-Wakefield Rail Trail Status Update.

Schedule Update:

Originally, construction was slated to begin in the Spring of 2022. The project has had significant design delays due to environmental permitting and design challenges, the project is now slated for a construction year of 2026. The main design issues revolve around the construction of the elevated boardwalk in the Reedy Meadow, and addressing the requirements of the various environmental regulatory agencies. Currently, the design effort focuses around completing a refined hydraulic study of the flood elevations in Reedy Meadow. This updated hydraulic study will ideally allow the length of the boardwalk to be reduced. In parallel, the geotechnical aspects of the site are being additionally investigated as requested by the MassDOT geotechnical section. Due to the environmental restrictions of the meadow, work has been slowly progressing. Once the hydraulic study is complete, the project team will move on to environmental permitting. No further schedule slide is anticipated.

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Incredible aerial video of Reedy Meadow

10 KEY FACTS - March 2019
Read the latest update on Key Facts regarding the
Wakefield- Lynnfield Rail Trail project by the Recreational Path Committee. ( Click blue button below ).
look to left side of page and click on the March 2019 Update. This is the Selectman appointed, 9 person Committee, that has studied and been reporting to the Selectman on the key elements of this specific project for over 2 years. The original committee was established approximately 15 years ago.
Costs, Environmental, Parking, Abutter screening, Real Estate values, Safety ( Chief of Police Breen statement), Rail Bed Lease.

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Lynnfield Rail Trail

Hear Lynnfield Resident and abutter to the proposed Rail Trail ,Tom Grilk, talk about why he welcomes the Rail Trail behind his backyard.

- 5 min video.( A segment of the Lynnfield Rail Trail Forum- March 2017).