-advocating for the Wakefield-Lynnfield      Rail Trail project.

Lynnfield Rail Trail

8/15/18 -  Lynnfield-Wakefield Delegation Secures $500,000 Funding Earmark For Rail Trail Project! Feasibility is a broad term used in the Environmental Bond Bill earmark.This includes Final Design funding for the Rail trail Project.

3/27/18 -WorldTech and Lynnfield Recreational Path Committee workshop- Information and Resident suggestions for input on Design for the proposed Wakefield- Lynnfield Rail Trail.

11/9/17 - Selectman Richard Dalton at the Recreational Path Committee meeting made 3 key comments

regarding the recent meeting he attended with Lynnfield and MA DOT officials on the Wakefield- Lynnfield Rail Trail project:

1. Funding for 100% of the updated construction cost will be met by State and Federal sources. Funding may

also be available earlier than the planned 2020/2021 date.

2. Screening for abutters is covered in the cost of construction.The State is very amenable to requests from each abutter.

3. Environmental parameters for Reedy Meadow apparently do not pose a problem using a raised boardwalk to cross the meadow.

11/3/16  World Tech Engineers information meeting with Lynnfield  residents and Selectman on the Wakefield- Lynnfield Rail Trail project.

There were about 95 people in attendance with the vast majority signing support for the project. A 25 page slide show was presented at Al Merritt Center, about half an hour with an hour and a half of resident input. View the tape on line (see Links tab) or visit the Lynnfield Library Info Desk for a hardcopy.  Input was heard by all, questions answered, and many productive suggestions were made at this meeting (airing now on Lynnfield Cable TV) listed below:

*Create several turn out areas for views and short distance walkers, a curve to slow down bicycles

*Improve safety features such as RR crossing & crosswalk pedestrian light at Summer St. old RR depot

*Add off street parking designated for Rail Trail    *Design Rail Trail for all ages, family friendly use     

*Five options of privacy designs for nearby homes, municipal buildings –World Tech December by appt.

*Boardwalk over Reedy Meadow: Add a spur option to Partridge Island Boardwalk and/or Edgewater;

*Replantings of trees taken on the railbed      *Plan for maintenance        *Benches at linear park views                       

*Etiquette on the trail       *Standards of Rails to Trails well established      *Daily 4 season recreation

*Construction is to be funded 100% by state and federal funds (20/80 split). We have been waiting in line for fifteen years for this funding. It is an asset that can only be used to fund the Wakefield/Lynnfield Rail Trail.  If we do not use it, we lose it. Our town surveys have shown off road walking and biking paths are consistently a Top Request.  It would be a waste not to continue with this value-add opportunity.